CARDE April 2020 summary

April 2020 summary of what has happened with the CARDE research group

This has been a rather busy and interesting month. We have been working with several new studies related to digitalization and teacher agency and identity, examined the push to fully online learning due to COVID-19 and so forth. Also, new people have become affiliated with the group. Here’s a short summary what we’ve been up to.


We are currently conducting a couple of different studies on how digitalization is affecting teacher identity, agency and roles. We are also looking at how COVID-19 push to online learning affected in the university of applied sciences, in addition to how it affected teachers on various levels of education in Finland from primary school to higher education.

Invited talk at TCC 2020 conference

Technology, Colleges & Community (TCC) conference invited Mark and I to present the CARDE research group in their 25th Anniversary conference 24 hour marathon. Here’s the link to our presentation, “Putting our CARDE’s on the Table: Critical Applied Research of Digitalization in Education“:

Affiliated WildCARDEs

New people have joined the CARDE research group as affiliates. For this, we opened a new section at the website, ‘Affiliated “WildCARDEs”‘. The page presents current and former MBA Educational Leadership (MEL) students, informally known as the “WildCARDEs”, affiliated with the CARDE research group. These international educators are working all over the world in a variety of roles including educational leadership and teaching. What connects them, and everyone else in the CARDE group, is the urge to dig deeper into what the digitalisation of education is and its impact, and to communicate those findings for raised awareness.

There are various topics everyone is interested, among them, dataveillance, datafication, learning plaforms, inclusion, equity and ethics of digitalization. More about these later when these projects and studies move forward!