Publication Honour

CARDE paper included in list of top 10 COVID-19 'good reads' for 2020.


The group are delighted and honoured that the paper “Post-COVID-19 Education and Education Technology ‘Solutionism’: A Seller’s Market” by Teräs, M., Suoranta, J., Teräs, H. & Curcher, M. was included in a list of the “Top 10 Covid-19 “Good Reads” from 2020: Lessons for the Future” compiled by the National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) in Ireland.

As the NIDL write in their post announcing the list; “Another dimension of leadership during the early stages of the crisis was filtering B.S. and managing the ‘solutionism’ being peddled by an array of EdTech providers and arguably snake oil merchants.” The paper therefore is of “…help to deconstruct the ‘education is broken’ discourse and provide critical commentary on the creeping datafication, corporatisation and commercialisation of our schools, universities and education system through EdTech…”

Further, they write; “The central thesis of the article urges educational leaders to think carefully about the decisions they are currently making if they wish to pave the way towards better, and more desirable, education future which go beyond our response to the current crisis.”

Indeed, this summary reflects the overall message of the CARDE research group.

Further, we are also delighted that the paper was chosen for translation by Mustafa Demirkan for the Turkish journal Sosyoloji Notları (Sociology Notes) and the paper is now available in Turkish.