Master Theses

Modelling of calcium Dynamics in Astrocyte Geometries
Muhammad Uzair Khalid, 2018. [URN]

Evaluation of vibration assessment of sternotomy
Antti Paldanius, 2018. [URN]

An Active Electrode Based ECG Measurement System from Minimally Spaced Precordial Bipolar Lead
Nabid Faiem, 2018. [URN]

Conducting Polymers in Augmenting the Properties of Biopotential Electrodes
Subarna Bhattarai, 2017. [URN]

Multimodal Optical 3D-Imaging System – Hardware and Software
Toni Montonen, 2017. [URN]

Multimodal Imaging of Silver Nanoclusters
Atena Rezaei, 2017. [URN]

Smart delivery systems for cancer treatment using advanced liposome formulations: fabrication, spectroscopic characterization and cell internalization studies
Rasa Ozolina, 2016. [URN]

Optical projection tomography as a tool to analyze 3D cell cultures of cardiomyocytes
Syed Ahsan Abbas, 2015. [URN]

Electronic instrumentation for a 3D electrical impedance tomography application
Mario Calvo Hernando, 2015. [URN]

Simulation of astrocyte-neuron networks
Eero Räisänen, 2015. [URN]

Electrical impedance tomography applied to stem cells in hydrogel scaffold
Mari Lehti-Polojärvi, 2014. [URN]

Modelling Neuronal Network Dynamics: The Effect of Two- and Three-Dimensional Topology
Inkeri Vornanen, 2014. [URN]

Connectivity Influence of Exercise History on the Proximal Femur Strength; Finite Element Analysis of Female Athletes
Shinya Abe, 2013. [URN]

Bioimpedance measurement device for chronic wound healing monitoring
Atte Kekonen, 2013. [URN]

Connectivity Measures for In Vitro Neuronal Cell Networks
Ville Raatikainen, 2013. [URN]

Modeling diffusion across the blood-retinal barrier and mass transfer in a half-perfusion chamber
Aapo Tervonen, 2013. [URN]

LED stimulation setup for retinal recordings
Marianne Wuorela, 2013. [URN]

Development of Implantable Pulse Oxygen Saturation Meter for Dairy-Cattle Respiratory Monitoring
Ásgeir Bjarnason, 2012. [URN]

Simulations of the electrical activity of cardiomyocytes derived from human embrionic stem cells
Zaida Cebrián Jiménez, 2012. [URN]

Front-end Electronics for Fast in Vitro Biological Measurements
Ville Vuorinen, 2012. [URN]

Development of a Portable and Easy-to-Use EEG System to be Employed in Emergency Situations
Andrei Daniel Jakab, 2011. [URN]

Imaging and Analysis of P(L/D)LA 96/4 Joint Scaffold Using Computed Tomography
Manu Nurminen, 2011. [URN]

The Influence of Filtration, Tube Current and Number of Projections on CBCT Image Quality
Adeola Olubamiji, 2011. [URN]

A Programmable Long Term Electrical Stimulation System for Cell Cultures on Microelectrode Arrays
Antti Ahola, 2010. [URN]

Development of ERG Measurement Setup for Isolated Mouse Retinas and hESC -Derived RPE Cells
Leena Lehtonen, 2010. [URN]

Volume visualization of calculated bioelectric fields
Atte Joutsen, 2002. [URN]