We at CBIG drive to deliver new knowledge and methods for future personalized medicine. We are interested in understanding and assessing mechanisms of biophysics by developing in-vitro, 3D bioimaging and computational modelling tools for assessing the cellular functions.

  • We study biophysics, especially electrophysiology and biomechanics using and developing microscopy, bioimpedance, patch clamp, and multichannel electrode arrays (MEAs). Our close collaborators, Adj. Prof. Soile Nymark’s research group Biophysics of the Eye and  Adj. Prof. Teemu Ihalainen’s research group Cellular Biophysics are concentrating on this area.
  • We develop new methods for 3D bioimaging and image-based assessment of cellular and tissue functions developing multimodal and hybrid imaging systems with optical, electric and X-ray 3D imaging methods
  • We develop computational models to decipher biophysics integrating in-silico and in-vitro human induced stem cell personalized and drug screening platforms.

Our group is a part of BioMediTech Institute and Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET), as well as Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence programme.