About us


Celiac Disease Research Center (CeliRes) was established in May 2016 by the decision of the Rector of University of Tampere. CeliRes is a continuum from celiac disease research that has been conducted in the Kauppi Campus from 1970’s onwards. CeliRes is committed to conducting high-quality multidisclipinary research ranging from epidemiological and clinical studies to genetics, immunobiology and microbiology. The research conducted in CeliRes will benefit both the medical community and celiac disease patients as improved diagnostic strategies and management models.

The Celiac Disease Research Center has several focus areas:

– celiac disease in adults led by Katri Kaukinen (MD, PhD), Professor of Internal Medicine, director of CeliRes
– immunobiology of celiac disease led by Katri Lindfors (PhD), Associate Professor in Molecular Biology
– cutaneous manifestations led by Teea Salmi (MD, PhD), Professor of Dermatology
– celiac disease in children by Kalle Kurppa (MD, PhD), Professor of Pediatrics
– novel treatment options by Markku Mäki (MD, PhD), Professor emeritus
– epidemiology of celiac disease by Pekka Collin (MD, PhD), Professor h.c.
– dermatitis herpetiformis by Timo Reunala (MD, PhD), Professor emeritus
– cellular models for celiac disease by Kati Juuti-Uusitalo (PhD), docent, cell biologist
– molecular biology of celiac disease by Keijo Viiri (PhD), docent, molecular biologists
– service laboratory led by Heidi Kontro (PhD), research coordinator
– genetics lead by Päivi Saavalainen (PhD), University researcher, geneticists (University of Helsinki, Folkhälsan Research Center)

The research conducted in CeliRes involves close collaboration with:

– Professor Seppo Meri and Dr. Tobias Freitag, University of Helsinki
– Emeritus professor Jukka Mustonen and docent Satu Mäkelä, University of Tampere
– Professors Paul Knekt and Markku Heliövaara, National Institute of Health and Welfare: Research and development
– Professor Onni Niemelä, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Research Unit, Seinäjoki Central Hospital, Seinäjoki and University of Tampere
– Prof. Ilma Korponay-Szabo, Coeliac Disease Center, Heim Pal Children’s Hospital, Budapest, University of Debrecen, Hungary
Finnish Celiac Society