New competitiveness and Business Impact from Intelligence, Intuition, Integration and Interaction

What if 25-30% of managerial work were automatized in the future? How could we recognize the managerial activities replaceable by artificial intelligence (AI), and understand, evaluate and manage the related business potentials for savings, value, and impact? Our vision is that Finnish companies will be in the forefront of realizing the related business potentials from solutions that automatize parts of managerial work.

The NewBI5 project examines how, why and where managerial work and managerial processes would change with the help of automation, AI and advanced analytics. NewBI5 focuses on the following viewpoints: 1) The thorough and multi-disciplinary understanding about managerial work opens new possibilities for new services and new kinds of value impacts. AI, in supporting managerial work, may help understand the demand of new services and their business potential. 2) AI and advanced analytics directly support the emergence of new activities, services and value impacts (facilitating offering development by better understanding of demand). The project examines these two perspectives in in-depth company cooperation from ideas to commercialization.

NewBI5 does not see AI in isolation; it provides a unique multi-disciplinary approach of leading research in business (CMC, profitability management), technological (signal processing, data analytics) and social sciences (social psychology) in Finland; in cooperation with world-class international management scholars. There are four innovative company networks (Integrata, Evondos, Mobidiag, ABB) and a wider company partner group (ICT, services and manufacturing), altogether 10 companies.

NewBI5’s interventionist research approach yields tangible results for creating new AI business competences in Finland and enabling profitable international growth in the networks under analysis and beyond.

Project timespan 1.9.2018-31.8.2021.

The NewBI5 researchers at Tampere University:

Project leader: Laine, Teemu, Professor, Industrial management

Ruusuvuori, Johanna, Professor, Social psychology

Kämäräinen, Joni, Professor, Signal processing

Korhonen, Tuomas, Senior Research Fellow, Industrial management

Strokina, Nataliya, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Signal processing

Tiitinen, Sanni, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Social psychology

Ahopelto, Teija, Doctoral Researcher, Social psychology

Tiitola, Vesa, Doctoral Researcher, Industrial management

Lager, Oskari, Research Assistant, Industrial management

Suomela, Lauri, Research Assistant, Signal Processing


The privacy statement used in NewBI5 is available upon request. The statement contains information about the person register comprising of project participants’ (including interviewees’) personal data, personal data entry and usage of this data.