Close cooperation with real-life companies guarantees the practical relevancy of research findings and at the same time helps identify new and interesting research questions. Practical research work based on industrial needs provides new and interesting information for the scientific community as well.

NewBI5 – New competitiveness and Business Impact from Intelligence, Intuition, Integration and Interaction

What if 25-30% of managerial work were automatized in the future? How could we recognize the managerial activities replaceable by artificial intelligence (AI), and understand, evaluate and manage the related business potentials for savings, value, and impact? Our vision is that Finnish companies will be in the forefront of realizing the related business potentials from solutions that automatize parts of managerial work.

The NewBI5 project examines how, why and where managerial work and managerial processes would change with the help of automation, AI and advanced analytics.


ToKi – Suppliers’ competitiveness

The project aims to renew management in selected industrial companies. In the short term, this renewal is an opportunity for creating value for the companies’ existing customers. Hence, the project contributes to increasing export sales from Finland. In the long term, the project aims to enable international growth in the partnering companies.

The goals of the project are:

To implement more demanding quality control systems.
To strengthen customer-supplier relationships particularly to large clients operating in Finland.
Increase the competitiveness of the partnering companies in terms of quality and cost-efficiency to improve their possibilities of acquiring new customers.
Improve the financial control and management of the partnering companies, and thereby improve their profitability.
Strengthen the basis for internationalization in the partnering companies.


MASI – Managing service impact: engaging facts and feelings

The MASI project resolves what the interaction between facts and feelings means for managing customer value and profitability, and how such interaction can be established.  

The MASI project studies facts and feelings in interventionist case studies and interviews, in close cooperation with companies: the project conducts research in five innovative business networks (Molok, Finla, Evondos, Koja, Gasum).