CNESS call Autumn 2022: incoming and outgoing research visits

The TAU research platform Climate Neutral Energy Systems and Society (CNESS) issues a call for incoming and outgoing research visits.d
Applicable research visits may comprise research periods abroad for TAU researchers or research periods for incoming external scholars invited or hosted by a TAU research group. Visits involving one or more of the following criteria may be prioritised: aim for ambitious scientific articles, development of applications for external funding and work leading to interdisciplinary deliverables (in this case, the interdisciplinary character of work and respective new openings must be spelt out). The applicable costs can cover travel, accommodation, daily allowances, and on-site acquisition of services or research material.
In all cases, applications should fall in the theme areas and aims of the CNESS broadly defined. Visits supporting diversity and emerging scholars may also be favourably viewed, but any applicants must at minimum hold a master’s degree. All funds must be used and billed by 30.04.2023.
Scope of funding:
Typical projects would be within the scope of 1,000-5,000€, but this is not a strict limit. Outstanding projects in light of the above-mentioned criteria will have priority.
Free-format applications of 1-2pp should be sent to CNESS coordinator carl.muth(at), by Monday 17.10.2022, at 16:15, in one document. Please provide a brief overview of the aims and timing of the project as well as collaboration, and state how it serves the above-mentioned criteria; do also provide a preliminary budget breakdown.
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