CNESS researchers join HYGCEL project

Image: akitada31 (Pixabay)
Climate change mitigation actions and the rapid development of clean technologies enable the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Here, green electricity and hydrogen will play a pivotal role but require timely and proactive actions to change regulations, the economy and infrastructure.
The Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains in Green Electrification (HYGCEL) research and consortium project, led by LUT university, aims to identify new value chains arising from developing a new P2X market and studies how an electricity and hydrogen-based infrastructure should be built in Finland. Thereby, the value chains are examined simultaneously from three different perspectives: 1) market and regulation, 2) techno-economy, and 3) sustainability and safety.
CNESS lead PI Jean Monnet Professor Pami Aalto, Sarah Kilpeläinen, and Carl Muth from the Energy Policy research Team join the study group regarding hydrogen regulation, markets, and finance. Tero Jeronen from Energy and Biorefining takes over a leading role in solid carbon products. Sami Repo from Electrical Engineering and CNESS PI Matti Vilko and Yrjö Majanne from Process Control will work with the optimal infrastructure research group. Matti Vilkko will also lead the Tampere University research team.
Around 20 parties from industry and academia joined the consortium that received €10 million from Business Finland in October last year. Due to the start delay caused by the Covid19 pandemic, the project is expected to end in spring 2024.