Academy of Finland funding for the 3D Bioprinting Network

Susanna Miettinen’s project for creating 3D bioprinting network in Finland was funded in the Academy of Finland Partnership networks in research, development and innovation -call. The call attracted 71 applications including a total of 213 subprojects. Funding was awarded to 10 projects (41 subprojects).

Scientific advances in biomaterials, stem cells, growth and differentiation factors and cellular microenvironments have created unique opportunities to fabricate tissues in the laboratory. 3D bioprinting is a new approach for tissue regeneration with the ability to fabricate constructs with specific structural and mechanical properties, and to directly deposit living cells for building of scaffolds, tissues, and organs. The objective of the 3D Bioprinting Network is to find solutions for major challenges that limit the clinical translation of 3D bioprinting. We will establish 3D bioprinting network in Finland to tighten the link between national and international industry and research groups, to share knowledge and to provide collaboration opportunities. 3D Bioprinting Network brings together research groups in academia and research institutes and companies in the field of bioprinting.