From emulsion gels to highly porous biomaterials - new publication from Sweeta Akbari and coworkers

Sweeta Akbari works in Computational Biophysics and Imaging Group lead by Jari Hyttinen and in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Group led by Minna Kellomäki.

Sweeta Akbari and her team have developed a novel material by incorporating gellan gum into emulsions for the synthesis of highly porous emulsion-templated biomaterials known as PolyHIPEs. This work is published in Macromolecules under the title “Synthesis and Characterization of PolyHIPE-Gellan Gum Material with Tunable Macroporosity for Tissue Engineering Applications.

This innovative biomaterial, with its adjustable pore structures, promises improved tissue regeneration. This advancement is significant as it offers new possibilities for customized and effective solutions in the field of tissue engineering, potentially enhancing the outcomes of regenerative medicine.

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