Neuronal, liver and adipose tissue in vitro model development get a boost from the Orion Research Foundation

Orion Research Foundation’s grants have been given to three COEBoC PhD researchers, Siiri Suominen, Laura Honkamäki, and Alma Yrjänäinen. The grants will be used for their doctoral research projects for developing 3D tissue and organ models on a chip system.
Laura Honkamäki is developing a 3D in vitro model for neuronal cells to direct their growth to desired directions.
Siiri Suominen is developing a human in vitro 3D liver-on-chip. The work focuses on induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC) and developing a chip for the application.
Alma Yrjänäinen develops in vitro white adipose tissue model including vasculature in a chip system. She also investigates inflammatory effects in the system to understand the transition from lean to obese in white adipose tissue.