New publication describing the “brain-on-a-chip”


Our NeuroGroup and Micro and Nanosystems Research Group in CoE-BoC are proud to announce a successful publication of modular platform for epilepsy modelling e.g. MEMO chip in Biosensors and Bioelectronics The new microfluidic device presented in the paper compartmentalizes a neuronal culture into three distinct but axonally connected networks which is an especially beneficial property when studying epilepsy. This MEMO chip is the first “brain-on-a-chip” which is able to mimic both local and circuitry functionality of the brain. The work was conducted in the “sister project” of the CoE-BoC: Academy of Finland funded MEMO consortium (PIs Susanna Narkilahti, Pasi Kallio and Jukka Lekkala). As our team members are actively working both in MEMO and CoE-BoC projects, we can use the concepts and methods used in the MEMO chip to advance achieving our goals in the chip development also in the CoE-BoC project. We wish to thank all the authors for the great teamwork! The fresh publication can be found