Scientific Advisory Board has released its report on the progress of the CoEBoC

Scientific Advisory Board visited CoEBoC for the second time on site to evaluate and quide CoEBoC operations and strategy. CoEBoC has now received the official report from the evaluation.

Professor Sabeth Verpoorte from the University of Groningen and Jöns Hillborn from Uppsala University visited CoEBoC in Tampere in October 2023. During the two days of meetings and seminars, the board interacted with various members of the consortium from graduate students to postdocs and group leaders. The third board member Professor Gordon Wallace followed the meeting online.

Scientific Advisory Board released the report in January “Substantial advancements have been achieved across all research areas, showcasing the CoE’s commitment to cutting-edge research.” The report summarises.

“Notably, the development of a hypoxia  device for cell culture experiments and significant strides in (stem) cell culture  underscore the CoE’s dedication to technological innovation and scientific excellence.”

The board appreciated the fluent collaboration of the research groups.

“Collaboration between groups, particularly among PhD students and Vice PIs working in interdisciplinary environments, is observed and highlighted as a positive aspect. This  collaborative environment not only enriches the research experience but also  contributes to a holistic understanding of complex scientific challenges.”

At the start of the last two years of the consortium, the board highlighted the importance of the exit strategy.