Computational Biology Group is in charge for the organization of the international masters education in Bioinformatics at the University of Tampere.

We teach the following courses:

  • BIO2200 Introduction to Computational Biology 3 ECTS
  • BIO2085 Bioinformatics tools 3 ECTS
  • BIO2310 Mathematics and Statistics for Bioinformatics 8 ECTS
  • BIO2350 Basics of Programming and Algorithms for Bioinformatics 8 ECTS
  • BIO4440 Basic Biological Data Analysis with R 5 ECTS
  • BIO4450 High-throughput Data Analysis 5 ECTS
  • BIO4460 Journal Club 2 ECTS
  • BIO4470 Systems Biology Methods 5 ECTS
  • BIO2450 Advanced Bioinformatics Tools 5 ECTS
  • BIO4380 Bioinformatics Project 3-6 ECTS
  • BIO4385 Bioinformatics Work Course 5 ECTS


More details of the courses and bioinformatics degree can be found from curricula guide.