Center for Research on Project and Service Business (CROPS) investigates value creation in organizations and inter-organizational relationships, particularly in project and service business.


The global industrial field is under constant change: industrial operations increasingly concentrate on services and complex solutions delivered as projects. Center for Research on Project and Service Business studies, develops and teaches sustainable value creation in project and service business. The emphasis is on the strategic phenomena that organizations face in their project and service business throughout the lifecycle of complex systems and during the renewal of organizations.

Our research focuses on the following themes:

  • Management and organization of project and service business
  • Value creation in inter-organizational project and service business
  • Sustainability over the lifecycles of industrial solutions
  • Strategic change and process innovations in industrial firms
  • Servitization and projectification of industries


Our mission is to support Finnish and international organizations in the renewal of their project and service business, and to generate new knowledge in the international research field. We deploy our mission through research and development projects and basic, doctoral and continuing education in collaboration with industrial firms, public sector organizations and other research institutions. We participate actively in the most significant international research networks in our field.


Our research has a strong foundation in capabilities for project management, service management, management of inter-organizational relationships and networks, operations and innovation management, and organizational change. Our research makes an impact on organizations’ operations through collaborative research and development projects. We also influence actively in international scientific communities (e.g. European Academy of Management) as well as national forums.