The Dependable Systems Cyber Laboratories research infrastructure provide a versatile environment focused on domain specific cyber security education, research and testing. Our domains include general information technology, automation, electrical systems and medical environments. The use cases range from normal domain specific education to attack and defense exercises and testing of security features of various devices and software. Laboratories provide cross-disciplinary environment which can be used to tackle the cyber challenges of critical infrastructure now and in the Future.

Dependable Systems CyberLabs is joint effort of Tampere University Dependable Systems platform participants. The laboratories bring their special expertise and experts to create more than sum of separate environments. The expertise areas are

Automation CyberLab (DSA CyberLab) consists of industrial automation and control systems running the critical infrastructure. It is build keeping in mind the long lifecycle and the challenges it will create.

Electrical Engineering CyberLab (DSEE CyberLab) consists of electricity production, distribution, storage and consumption in the Future Smart Grids.

Information Security CyberLab (DSI CyberLab) consists of network and digital communication infrastructure used by small and large enterprises as well as the Internet. This is managed by the Networks and Information Security (NISEC) group.

Medical Technologies CyberLab (DSM CyberLab) consists of medical technologies used in Health Care and private Health. This is part of Health and Assistive Technology Laboratory, HeAT.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences CyberLab (TAMK CyberLab) consist of separated network infrastructure, servers, virtual computers, computer classroom, different IoT devices, network devices etc. It is mainly used for studying purposes.

Together these form a real life critical infrastructure which consist of energy production, distribution, consumption, health care and related information technology systems in todays information society.