Bonsai tree in work desk with electronics.

Intertwining Digitalization and Sustainability

The DigiSus platform aims to create holistic and cross-disciplinary insights into digitalization and sustainability as societal transitions. For sustainable development, digitalization is both an opportunity and a threat. We aim to bring together experts, offer funding for research, and guide society towards a brighter future.

We are on our way and we hope you'll join the ride

Digital and Sustainability Transitions in Society: A Double-edged Sword (DigiSus) research platform has started its work in January 2024 and will continue its initial push until the end of the year 2027. Our platform is here to foster the cross-disciplinary understanding of the intertwined transitions related to digitalization and sustainability. This topic need cross-pollinating the social scientific insight into problems with engineering insight into solutions. We are here to bring people and their ideas together and to help them shine bright.

Tampere University City Center Campus covered in snow on a bright sunny day, featuring the walking bridge connecting the Main Building and Pinni B. People walking in the foreground below.