DSH Teaching at Tampere University

The Decision Support for Health group provides education for the Health Technology and Informatics area. Our courses are mostly aimed at Master’s degree students. They are linked to the following study modules at Tampere University:

  • Biolääketieteen tekniikan aineopinnot 55 ECTS (Bioteknologian ja biolääketieteen tekniikan kandidaattiohjelma)
  • Health Technology and Informatics, 30 ECTS / 50 ECTS (Bioteknologian ja biolääketieteen tekniikan kandidaattiohjelma, Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering)
  • Health Informatics, Intermediate studies as elective studies 25 ECTS

Note that from Autumn 2024 onwards, a new module, Biomedical Informatics, will be available that will change the abovementioned information.

All our courses are held at the Hervanta campus. We offer a basic track to health informatics (the first three courses in the list below), and a number of specialised courses related to health informatics and biomedical signal processing. Courses that we teach are (contact person in the parenthesis):

  • Health Care Processes and Information Systems (Milla Juutinen / Saana Seppälä)
  • Standards, Interoperability, and Regulations in Health Informatics (Alpo Värri)
  • Health Software Development Project (Milla Juutinen / Saana Seppälä)
  • Processing of Biosignals (Milla Juutinen / Saana Seppälä)
  • Decision Support in Healthcare (Mark van Gils)
  • Behavioral Health Informatics (Mark van Gils)
  • Doctoral Seminar in Digital Healthcare Technologies (Mark van Gils)

An overview of the ongoing (2023-2024) courses can be found here.

In addition, we work in collaboration at the Health and Assistive Technology (HeAT) laboratory. The HeAT laboratory is linked to both teaching and research activities. If you want to visit, or hear more about the HeAT lab, contact Milla Juutinen, milla.juutinen(at)

Student projects & Thesis topics

Are you looking for a topic for your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis, or perhaps an experimental topic for the research project courses? Please contact us for finding out more about the current topics that could be suitable for you!

Examples of ongoing and/or previous projects:

  • Walking detection algorithm for acceleration sensors
  • Detection of Parkinson’s disease from hand movements
  • Differences in HRV during workdays and freetime
  • Filtering method comparison for ECG signals
  • Usability of mobile health applications
  • Biosignal analysis for depth of anesthesia measurement in children
  • Novel AI/ML/signal analysis techniques to predict congestion in emergency care department
  • Data quality assessment of daily-living data from wearable sensors in psychiatry