Join in the discussion with visiting Professor´s Bob Lingard and Professor Luís Miguel Carvalho along with the experts from EDU

Join us for discussions on Friday 18 March at 14–16 to deliberate the results from three on-going research projects on knowledge and power. We will also have an honour to welcome two distinguished researchers highly knowledgeable of the topic as discussants. The event is organized live at EDU’s café (Åkerlundinkatu 5).  The event will also be streamed and you can follow the discussion on line through this link:



Assessment and evaluation in datafied early childhood education (VADA, PI Maiju Paananen)

14.15–14.30 Self-tracking assemblages. Investigating children’s activity trackers in ECEC, Antti Paakkari (ECEPP, POISED)

14.30–14.45 Highjacked by desires? – Infrastructure of child-staff ratios in Finnish early childhood education, Hanna Toivonen (ECEPP)

Policy Knowledge and Lesson Drawing in Nordic School Reform in an Era of International Comparison (POLNET, PI Kirsten Sivesind, team Finland PI Jaakko Kauko)

14.45–15.00 Policy Knowledge and the Emergent Expert: Finnish Curriculum Reform in an Era of International Comparison, Saija Volmari (EduKnow)

Transnational Knowledge Networks in Higher Education Policymaking (KNETS, PI Jaakko Kauko)

15.00–15.15 Ministry of Education and Culture in light of its working groups networks, Jaakko Kauko (EduKnow)

General discussion

15.15–15.45 Discussion, Bob Lingard, Luís Miguel Carvalho, and all participants.

Face masks are required: “When on campus, wear a face mask, practice good hand hygiene and avoid unnecessary close contact. Coming to campus and attending in-person classes when feeling unwell is not allowed.” (