Oshie Nishimura-Sahi joins EduKnow

Oshie Nishimura-Sahi (middle) at the EduKnow group meeting with Iris Santos and Arnaldo Pellini. Photo: Jonne Renvall / University of Tampere.EduKnow’s newest member is Oshie Nishimura-Sahi, who recently started as a doctoral researcher at the University of Tampere.

Originally from Japan and living in Pori, Finland, Oshie is a graduate from pedagogical studies for subject teachers at the University of Turku in 2013. The programme was what got her interested in further studying education. “I got interested in a constructivist approach to learning and teaching, which has been widely adapted to educational activities in Finland. I wanted to study more about the above-mentioned issue as well as multicultural and intercultural education, so I decided to start Master’s studies in the field of Education at the University of Tampere. While writing my Master’s thesis on the perceptions of intercultural education among immigrant teachers in Finland, I became eager to continue research work as I wanted to have a better understanding of how societies are constructed and what kind of part education has had in this process,” Oshie says.

Oshie’s doctoral thesis focuses on policy borrowing in the Japanese context. “The main aim of my doctoral thesis is to scrutinize the ways in which global benchmarks have been referred to for education reforms in Japan, and consequently, interpreted into the local context. My current research interests lay in the areas of comparative education and intercultural and multicultural education.”

Oshie is a welcome addition to EduKnow’s mix of research interests. She appreciates being a member of the group: “The group radiates a warm and welcoming atmosphere to everyone, including to newcomers like me. Everyone is very helpful and willing to share their knowledge and experience from doing research work. Having a great peer support, I feel confident in starting my long journey towards the PhD degree.”