Prof. Eneida Shiroma visits EduKnow

Prof. Shiroma (in the middle) with EduKnow research group in Tampere, Dec 2017. Photo credit: Jonne Renvall / University of Tampere.

Professor Eneida Oto Shiroma spent a week visiting EduKnow in Finland at the beginning of December. She met with EduKnow members in Helsinki and primarily in Tampere, meeting with teachers and PhD students, visiting a primary school, and attending diverse research group meetings, including EduKnow and the BCR project.

Eneida Shiroma is Professor in the Department of Specialised Studies in Education at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil. Her research focuses on work, education policies, and policy networks. She has contributed to the BCR project as a key professor for Brazil.

It was Professor Shiroma’s first visit to Finland, and the early snowfall made it all the more memorable. “My week in Finland was an enriched experience: multiple languages, different flavors, a beautiful white landscape and its special luminosity that change the colors of the shortened day. Visiting a school, two universities, and various museums, I could see how Helsinki and Tampere are cosmopolitan. Their cold weather contrasts with the warm welcome we received everywhere,” she says.

Prof. Shiroma at the EduKnow group meeting with Vera G. Centeno, Annariikka Paatola, and Jarmo Kallunki to her left.

Her first impression of the EduKnow research group was also a positive one. “It was a pleasure to meet EduKnow, which is an international group, developing a broad range of research topics related to education policy in diverse contexts, and running a deep theoretical and methodological discussion.”

During her visit, Prof. Shiroma met some teachers and PhD students, and with some of them, she discussed the opportunity to write articles to submit to international journals and also the possibility to edit a special issue in a Brazilian journal.

“I hope we continue this academic collaboration between our research groups: Eduknow/University of Tampere (Finland) and Gepeto/Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil)!” Shiroma concludes.