Sari Eriksson: An increasing interest in Finnish education in Poland

EduKnow member Sari Eriksson is currently based in Poland, and has given a number of speeches about the Finnish education system while there.

On 27 October, Eriksson spoke about the Finnish education model in Bialystok under the title “Finnish education model. Building the network of cooperation”. At the end of November, Eriksson first spoke in a seminar at the Embassy of Finland in Warsaw regarding the Innovations in Finnish education, and had a meeting at the National Ministry of Education in Poland. She also gave a lecture at the University of Wroclaw about the Finnish education system.

According to Eriksson, the political context for education in Poland is controversial at the moment:

“Through education policy, the ruling conservative Law and Justice party is pushing through its own ideology in Poland. Poland’s President Andrzej Duda signed into law some controversial changes to education in January 2017. During the year, the opponents of the reform have announced protests, and the debate on education is lively. There has been an increasing interest towards Finnish education system.”