Research grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for EduKnow member Oshie Nishimura-Sahi

Oshie Nishimura-Sahi received a full-year research grant from the Satakunta Fund, one of the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s regional funds, to advance her PhD project on policy transfer in education. This was her second award of a full-year grant from the Satakunta Fund following 2019.

The project aims to analyse the ways in which the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) was borrowed outside Europe, taking the case of Japan. The empirical questions of the project focus on what political circumstances gave rise to Japanese interest in the CEFR, how the CEFR travelled to Japan and how certain CEFR ideas became part of the Japanese education system. To examine these questions, it combines the context-oriented and network-oriented approach. It ultimately aims to contribute to understanding the nature of globalisation in education by developing an empirical and theoretical account of the process of cross-national educational transfer.