In FICAN Mid, diverse cancer research is conducted in Tampere University, in Tampere University Hospital and Central Hospitals of Hämeenlinna and Seinäjoki. Our research focus areas are especially cancer prevention and early detection, translational cancer research, clinical trials, nursing science and research on patient perspective and palliative care.

Cancer research budget over 8 million € / year
Cancer researchers approx. 400
Publications over 200 / year
PhD theses 10 – 12 /year

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Research Areas of Tays Cancer Centre

In our research efforts, we will focus on specific areas where we have strong track records and long-standing research traditions.
In addition, we have identified developing research areas, where we have the potential to become national leaders.

Focus Areas

  1.   Prevention and early detection: especially cancer screening and etiology
  2.   Translational medicine: especially in prostate, gynecological & pediatric cancers and brain tumors
  3.   Phase I – II clinical trials
  4. Patients’ perspectives and patient-reported outcomes
  5. Nursing Science

Developing Areas

  1.     Medical technology related to cancer research
  2.     Palliative care: especially coping, symptom management and decision-making
  3.     Comparative effectiveness research

Research in 2018

– Research budget: > 12,3 M €
– Cancer researchers: approx. 400
– Cancer-related publications: 202
– Ongoing clinical trials: 80

Yearly cumulative impact factors of cancer research publications (2014 – 2018)

International collaboration network of Tays Cancer Centre