The Futures of Global Social Policy Workshop

The Global Social Policy Hub organized a workshop on Monday 30th of May in Tampere to discuss social policies from two main distinctive angles. First, we wanted to unpack transdisciplinary social issues and social policy mechanisms  in low- and middle-income countries. Second, we wanted to understand global governance, inequalities and power structures at global level.  Keynote speaker Valentina Barca’s presentation was about trends and lessons in social protection system design and delivery from low income settings.

We warmly thank every presentator and all the participants and we wish to share a common future of global social policy with you all.

Below you can find list of presentators and presentations or abstracts.

Valentina Barca

Keynote talk: Valentina Barca: Social protection system design and delivery. Trends and lessons from low-income settings (pdf)

Salla Atkins & Jere Tiitto & Johanna Pajula & Elina Kervinen: Social protection in Africa: External shocks and gender equality (pdf)

Tiina Vaittinen: Towards sustainable global health and social policy: What if societies were built for those who cannot hold? (pdf)

Anna Rajala: Adequate and equitable sanitation: A question of both access and capability? (pdf)

Eppu Mikkonen: Global social policy: Beyond the development paradigm (abstract)

Meri Koivusalo: Disruptive (dis)engagement – platformisation as a global social policy (Research paper in press, pdf later)

Lauri Heimo: A Couple of words on a book project ‘Introduction to Global Social Policy’

Jurgen De Wispelaere & Leticia Morales: The ethics of a pandemic emergency basic income (pdf)

Jesse Lastunen: The mitigating role of tax and benefit rescue packages for poverty and inequality in Africa amid the COVID-19 pandemic (pdf)

Janet Tapkigen: Covid-19’s impact on strategic health purchasing: Lessons from Kenya (pdf)

Enrico Nichelatti & Heikki Hiilamo: The causes for tax avoidance in Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia (pdf)

Markus Ketola: Informal welfare in a global context: transnationalism, informal citizenship and formal welfare (pdf)

Lauri Kokkinen: Explaining global inequalities using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (Research paper in press, pdf later)







Photos by Johanna Pajula (2022)