Global Social Policy Hub

Global Social Policy Hub aims to strengthen existing Global Health and Social Policy research group and its dimension of social policy. The Center systematically brings together the key intellectual resources of global social policy found through a single site. The hub fosters opportunities for innovative research and forms a solid knowledge platform for international social policy practice and education

The Hub organized a workshop called The Futures of Global Social Policy on 30th May.

Expert Networks

Better Assistance in Crises (BASIC) Research Programme

Development pathways

Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI)

Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors

International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW)

Oxford Policy Management

Social Policy Research Institute (SPRI Global)

Social Protection Initiative (SPI)

Social Protection Program Areas (IPA)



Centre for Global Social Policy (Toronto)

Comparative and Global Social Policy (York)

Global Development Institute (Manchester)

Global Dynamics of Social Policy (Bremen)

Global Health Policy Unit (Edinburgh)

International Centre for Public and Social Policy (Nottingham)

IDS SP group

Intergovernmental Organizations (UN etc.)

Convergence initiative

European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (the European Centre)

Inter-Agency Social Protection Coordination Board (SPIAC-B)

International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG)

Partnership for Economic Inclusion

Social Protection & Human Rights platform

SOCIEUX –Social Protection European Union Expertise in Development Cooperation.

UN Social Protection Floor Initiative

UNRISD resource platform: Linking Social Protection and Human Rights.

USP 2030

Databases & Resources

ASPIRE indicators at a glance

ESCAP Social protection toolbox

Eurostat: Social Protection (ESSPROS)

Handbook on social protection systems

HelpAge Social Pensions Database

ILO Social Security Programmes and Mechanisms Database

ILO Social Security Expenditures Database

ILO Social Security Database


Mutual Information System on Social protection (MISSOC)

OECD Social Expenditure Database (SOCX)

OECD Social Benefit Recipients Database (SOCR)

PEI (Partnership for Economic Inclusion) data portal

SAPI – Social Assistance, Politics, and Institutions database (UNU-WIDER)

Social Assistance in Developing Countries Database

SPI Database

UNDP Social Assistance in Africa Data Platform

Staff and Experts

Dr. Mikko Perkiö, Project Lead

Jere Tiitto, Project Coordinator

Lauri Heimo, Global Social Policy Expert

Researchers in Tampere (GHSP)

Other social policy centers in Tampere University

External Experts

Eppu Mikkonen, Social Development Policy Specialist

Roosa Lambin, Visiting Research Fellow at the Open University (UK)