Sustainable Welfare Systems

Sustainable Welfare Systems is a profiling initiative funded by the Academy of Finland.

The current societal challenges call for multidisciplinary action

In the contemporary health and welfare systems there is a growing demand for multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based collaboration that allow combining various competencies of different levels of the society but also within and between different scientific fields. In terms of research, the current challenges call for a systemic approach where health and welfare systems are analysed as one complex entity. To answer to this need Tampere University has launched a research program on Sustainable Welfare Systems (SWS) that falls under the ideas of utilising platform- and ecosystem-based models to allow collaboration between researchers from various disciplines and organisations as well as allowing deeper collaboration with the wider society. The programme aims at combining various competences in phenomenon-based research to the impact of research. Taken the large scope of the programme one sub-theme is given special attention to. This theme is linked to questions on how knowledge and information can be used to support and improve the governance of welfare systems, implementation of welfare policies and the agency of patients, customers, citizens, professionals and decision-makers.