Admitted funding in 2019

The first round of seed funding (2019) was targeted at looking for new ideas to build up an interdisciplinary research initiative on welfare systems within TUNI´s research community.

Four (4) seed funding grants (á EUR 20000) were granted to research teams to support preparation of major research grants (ERC, Strategic Research Council, Nordforsk) in the field of welfare systems:

·         Prof. Eija Paavilainen: Stopping Parental Child Maltreatment in Augmented Reality/STOPCM
·         Prof. Matti Tuomala: Designing an efficient tax system for sustainable financing of the welfare state
·         Prof. Johanna Ruusuvuori: Interdisciplinary co-designing: developing new technologies for and with the ageing population
·         Research Director Kirsi Heikkilä-Tammi: Actionable knowledge in health and social services

Eight (8) seed funding grants were granted to research teams for organizing networking events with researchers within TUNI and with researchers from other universities (national or foreign):

·         Prof. Samuli Pekkola: Information systems in social and healthcare reform (DataSote)
·         Assoc. Prof. Fernando Nieto: Rosana Rubio-Hernández, Loneliness and the Built Environment: Philosophical, Societal and Technological Perspectives
·         Dr. Marjo Kolehmainen: A kick-off event that explores the growing phenomenon of singledom
·         Dr. Lotta-Maria Sinervo: Kestävä hyvinvoiva kunta – osallistuvan budjetoinnin keinoin
·         Dr. Mia Tammelin: Sustainable Work Systems –research and collaboration initiative
·         Prof. Arto Laitinen: Research on Societal Experiments: the Finnish Case of Basic Income
·         Prof. Jarmo Vakkuri: Developing Research Portfolio for Sustainable Welfare Systems
·         Dr. Lauri Kokkinen: Expanding the Health in all policies research network