Interdiciplinary network for democracy research

To strengthen collaboration between researchers working on this field at Tampere University, you are welcome to join to build an interdisciplinary network of democracy research bringing together researchers from different disciplines and faculties.

Scholars across Tampere University are doing versatile research on democracy and citizen participation as well as on patient and public involvement. The field is related to two of our university’s strategic research areas: The future of well-being and Sustainable cities, and it is also linked to two profile areas of TAU: Sustainable Welfare Systems (SWS) and Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environment.

The network will be run by its members based on their hopes, interests and voluntariness. SWS and STUE have kindly offered to provide support for the network in e.g. organising events.

The network has currently more than 60 interested researchers and will meet-up for the first time in the Fall of 2021. 


For more informaton, contact:
Anni Jäntti
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, D.Sc. (Admin.)
Tampere University