Second round for seed funding now open!

Sustainable Welfare Systems research program has opened a call for seed funding to support and develop multi- and interdisciplinary research on welfare systems at Tampere University.

Details for the funding call are as follows:



Sustainable Welfare Systems* program is funding new initiatives that strengthen research on health and welfare systems at Tampere University.

As an example, funding can be granted to new initiatives that

  • introduce new inter- or multidisciplinary research initiatives around phenomena that are relevant for health and welfare systems research
  • introduce new events or series of events which bring together researchers from different disciplines and/or actors outside the academia
  • develop methodologies for multidisciplinary research
  • aim at generating external funding (e.g. project proposal preparation) and/or
  • establish new connections with international research partners

Projects that received seed funding in 2021 can apply for follow-up funding. For these projects we expect

  • A comprehensive disclosure of completed measures and activities performed with the help of seed funding
  • Overview of and justifications for the need for follow-up funding and how the funding will be spent during 2022

The applied sums can be up to EUR 20 000 depending on the scale and the scope of the initiative. The funding must be spent within the calendar year of 2022 (i.e. during 1.1.-31.12.2022). Seed funding cannot be used for wages of ththe university. If the funding is used for wages overheads determined in the AoF funding agreement apply.

The proposal format is not specified but should not exceed 2 pages.

The proposal should be sent to research coordinator Matias Heikkilä ( by 19.11.2021. Matias Heikkilä will also take any enquiries concerning the seed funding call. We aim at publishing the results by the end of the year or latest right after the Christmas break.

*Sustainable Welfare Systems (SWS) is a profiling initiative funded by the Academy of Finland (Profi5) and it has been established to support the implementation of Tampere University’s emerging research field “Future of well-being”. In the program, health and welfare systems are defined broadly including health care and social services, social security as well as policies, politics, reforms, economy, organizations, technologies, and governance related to these systems. As of 2022 SWS will be closely linked with the new research platform TRANSFORM.

You can also download the call for seed funding here as a pdf.