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The effects of global phenomena are transforming the way we work for health at both national and international levels. Our programme is part of a new understanding of global health with focus on global, international and transnational aspects of health policy and health systems applicable to different country contexts. The programme provides capacities to address contemporary concerns from planetary health, climate change and universal health coverage to trade, globalization and global governance for health. Learn public health fit to tackle 21st century challenges.

Our MA programme offers a unique opportunity to study the intertwined disciplines of public and global health (PGH)

Our focus on public and global health covers more traditional public health subjects in combination with studies on global governance, global health agendas and global health issues from planetary health to impact of globalization on health. Health in All Policies and social determinants of health are at the core of our programme emphasis. You can include University wide choices as part of your studies, but issues concerning economy of wellbeing, political economy of global health and social policy and public health, including on Nordic welfare states will be provided in close connection to our courses as we work closely in connection with MA programme on Public Policy (PP).

PhD applicants wishing to study global health are required to apply to the doctoral programme in health sciences, and they need to be approved by TAU health sciences

A competitive intake takes place twice a year. At doctoral level we do not have funded programmes but you may apply on individual basis in case your research plan links to research profiles of the unit (please see research; inquiries from a respective researcher). As approved doctoral student you may benefit the flexible study system of TAU with no fee at doctoral level. You have access to University educational resources including research seminars and you are entitled to apply various external funding for your studies. 

General inquiries on PhD studies. Ms Tiina Kangasluoma,

Please contact the group’s researchers on the focus of your potential PhD research.

You can also apply to a more focused international IPPE Programme every second year: 

While the main focus of IPPE programme is on epidemiology you can also do a PhD on global and public health issues as part of the programme:

For general inquiries and inquiries related to health sciences please read also: 

Carefully read through the admissions requirements before applying. For additional questions on applying, application documents and application process, please email: Questions on research plans and prospective supervisors should be addressed to Professor in Charge of the Doctoral Programme: professor Marja Jylhä (

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