Resources for Learning

We have gathered a list of online resources offering training on global health and development.

In our experience, most of these online courses are of high-quality and are offered free or for a nominal fee, are flexible to complete timewise and offer a certification upon completion. See more details from each course’s home page and request  for  compensation from your program director or respective teacher.

We are looking for new courses to add on to the list. As you find a course you think  should be on the list, please e-mail your suggestion to us.

Online course portals offering GHD-related courses

Under this site we have gathered several online portals offering a huge number of high-level courses on various subjects. All of the portals listed under this page offer courses also on global health and development. See their sites for detailed instructions on completion methods and possible fees.

UniPID – Finnish University Partnership for International Development

A partnership between eleven Finnish universities formed to promote international development. Besides the various other matters that they conduct, i.e. coordinating research and events, they organize brilliant online courses on global health & development. Most of the courses are for 5 ECTS and upon completion one receives a certificate, which is generally always accepted in Finnish universities as an elective course.


A portal offering hundreds of online courses from the worlds leading universities such as MIT, Harward, etc. on various fields. EdX offers a variety of global health & development related courses, which are generally free. They also offer a way of verifying your courses for a fee. However this is more for the acceptability for the American universities, and one can opt for a normal, free certificate, on these courses also.

TropEd – Network for Education in International Health

A worldwide network providing opportunities for postgraduate education in international health. The network offers a wide range, over 160, courses online for varying fees

Sustainable development solutions network

Directed by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, the SDSN offers at the moment three free online courses on the basics of sustainable development.


A partnership of over 40 universities offering online courses on a variety of topics. The courses are free but one needs to purchase the certificate of completion separately.


A platform offering over 400 courses for free on various topics. All of the courses have an option to study for free but some do offer a possibility to earn a verified certificate for a small fee.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – IFRC

The IFRC offers a variety of online courses. They offer smaller courses for free through their learning platform and larger entities, such as online certificates, for a fee.

Tampereen yliopisto – kestävän kehityksen opintokokonaisuus

Sustainable development programme in Tampere University


Provides online development in technology and social change. The organizers believe that technology can be used more efficiently to enhance social change. All the courses are completely online. Most of the work can be done independently, but most of the courses feature several real-time interactions since the courses are largely based on sharing knowledge throughout the course. The courses have a cost and offer a certificate upon competition.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The site is keeping a list of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) related to environmental education. Courses are added to the site as they are organized and are arranged by various hosts, usually in collaboration with UNEP. Follow the links for more detailed information.

Fogarty International Center

Provides a catalog of many global health -themed e-learning courses and resources.

In his blog you can find many free Global Health -oriented online courses from various providers.

Further Resources

Duedecim-UTA Training Program on Global Health

A global health program by The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and University of Tampere aiming to to train medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and students of these disciplines in global public health issues, such as health care delivery systems, infectious and non- infectious diseases epidemiology and health care management.


Hans Rosling, a professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute, explains global health & development related stats in a understandable and interesting way on short videos.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

A site devoted for short and powerfull talks covering a wide variety of topics, including global health & development.

Global Health with Greg Martin

Greg Martin’s short Youtube videos about what is global health, what to expect, how to get work on the field etc. You find playlists on Finding work in Global HealthEpidemiologyGlobal Health Ethics and Global Health Facts for instance.

Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Serves as the link between members facilitating sharing knowledge on education, research and service. It aims at building interdisciplinary collaboration and promotes mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships between universities across the globe.


An international network for higher education in global health Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

The Global Health Network

A hub joining together a collection of websites to support research by sharing knowledge and methods.