Innovative Approaches for Strenghtening Health Systems

1. eHealth in Tanzania: the users of HIS

Partners: This project is part of a larger “Contributing to capacity building of developing and using health information systems (HIS) in Tanzania”, funded by Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

PI: Dr Annariina Koivu

Funding period: 2017-2020

Funder: Finnish Christian Medical Society FCMS

This project investigates and supports the skills and competencies of eHealth users in Tanzania

2. mHealth for improving continuity of care in South Africa

Partners: Karolinska Institutet, Medical Research Council of South Africa, Edinburg University, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

PI: Prof Anna Thorson, Karolinska Institutet

UTA contact: Salla Atkins

Funding period: 2013-2018

Funder: Swedish research council

This project investigates the feasibility of a mobile application to improve continuity of care of chronic disease patients (including TB and HIV) in a rural setting in South Africa. The project is complete and writeup is ongoing.