1. Migration as a social determinant of health

PI: A/prof Salla Atkins

Partners: Karolinska Institutet, Public Health Foundation of India, Kyiv-Mohyla University, Ukraine

Funding period: 2018-2022

Funder: Swedish Research Council

This project will develop a network for research on migration as a social determinant of health, generating both within- country and across-country research projects in the four participating countries: Finland, Sweden, Ukraine and India

2. Socio-economic conditions of inter-state migrant construction workers in India and intervention scope

PI: Assistant professor Sumit Kumar, Manipal University, India

Funding period: To be sought

Funder: To be decided

UTA partner: Dr Mikko Perkiö, A/Prof Salla Atkins

This project will study the health and welfare of migrant construction workers in India and seek possible intervention options.

3. Diaspora in strengthening health system in a fragile state – Somalia

PI: Prof Anneli Milen

Funding period:  NA

Funder:  UTA

This project studies challenges and options for overcoming them in an environment of a fragile state. Temporary return of Somali diaspora health professionals is being organized in Somalia and studied in this project.