The Intersectionality in Research Network (InReNet) is an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and students working at Tampere University. We explore and develop intersectionality as a theoretical approach and research practice, with strong ties to the activism of marginalised groups and to equity work in the fields of politics, public authorities, and NGOs.

We use the concept of intersectionality to recognize the meanings and intersections of different social positionings and identities– in particular those of marginalised and oppressed groups – and to dismantle structural inequalities that are centred on such social positionings.

We want to promote and develop critical theoretical debates and research on intersectionality. Additionally, we support research practices that take into consideration the intersecting meanings and impacts of different social positionings and identities. We believe that the development of research requires dialogue and cooperation with marginalised groups and their representatives.

We have extensive research networks both in Finland and abroad. We are committed to increasing and developing cooperation with international colleagues, especially beyond the Global North.

Our activities (see NEWS AND EVENTS) include interdisciplinary seminars, symposiums, undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as workshops for teachers and researchers. Our affiliated faculty’s research projects and publications often include collaboration with marginalised communities outside of academia (see RESEARCH & PROJECTS).