JAANA PARVIAINEN is the principal investigator (PI) of the NEGATE project and a senior research fellow in the Faculty of Social Sciences, at the Tampere University. She received her doctorate in philosophy from the University of Tampere. Her research interests include social epistemology, the philosophy of technology and the phenomenology of the body. In her interdisciplinary projects, Parviainen has focused special attention on how philosophy and empirical sciences could cooperate in research. She has led several research projects funded by the Academy of Finland, Business Finland and the Ministry of Education. For more information, please visit Parviainen’s website.

PETRA AUVINEN holds a PhD (2009) in social psychology. Her theoretical background is in the anthropology of science and technology, workplace studies and ethnomethodology. She has a long experience in analysing and developing the practices of social interaction in safety-critical and other work settings, including airline cockpit, pre-hospital emergency care and rehabilitation centre.

ANNE KOSKI is university researcher in the NEGATE Project. She is an inter-disciplinary oriented social scientist focused on the various ways emotions, affect, and the body create intangible value in the post-industrial economy. She received her doctorate in international relations, but has since worked in different disciplines and departments within the University of Tampere as a fixed-term university researcher and teacher.  Her research interests include new forms of working in digital economy, staying employable as negative expertise of ICT experts and management of ignorance and unknowing in organizations.

LAURI LAHIKAINEN is a philosopher and a post-doctoral researcher in the NEGATE project. He received his doctorate in philosophy in the University of Tampere in 2018 with the dissertation Individual Responsibility for Climate Change: A Social Structural Account. He works at the intersections of ethics, political philosophy, critical theory, environmental philosophy and social epistemology.

HANNELE PALUKKA joined Tampere University of Applied Sciences as a Research and Development Specialist in 2017 after serving as a senior scientist specialised in situational interaction studies of high reliable organisations, such as aviation and health care at the Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (TaSTI) at the University of Tampere. Palukka has experience as a PI in national projects funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund, Kone Foundation, Ministry of Finance and private companies.

SINIKKA TORKKOLA is a senior researcher in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at The University of Tampere. She is specialized in the health communication in social media. Her research interests include the health communication, the gender of journalism, and political journalism. In her postdoc research project “Health Communication in Social Media” funded by the Academy, she investigated how the social media is used by the people seeking and producing information on health and illnesses. The theoretical frame of the reached project was based on the understanding that communication about health involves negotiation of shared meanings embedded in socially constructed identities, relationships, social norms and structures. More information: Torkkola’s site.

PIA VUOLANTO is a postdoc researcher at the Tampere University Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies. Her thesis analysed scientific controversies and she studies boundaries of science, the relation of science to other forms of knowledge, challenged expertise and criticism of biomedicine. She has published an international volume Complementary and alternative medicine: Knowledge production and social transformation (2018). She directs the Aaltonen foundation project Health, Knowledge and Expertise: Criticism of Biomedicine Related to Vaccination and Alternative Medicine since the Early 1900s. More information: Vuolanto’s site.

ANNA SENDRA is a journalist and a postdoctoral researcher in the NEGATE project at Tampere University. She received her PhD in anthropology and communication from Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain) in 2019. Her research interests focus on analyzing the processes of health communication in social media, and how digital health affects the relationship between patients and providers. She is particularly interested in the study of interpersonal communication in noncommunicable diseases and in the design of health interventions from the perspective of health communication. More Information: Sendra’s site

PAULA KUUSIPALO is an experienced Adult Education expert with a demonstrated history of working in diverse environments both Public and Private sector. She works as a project researcher in NEGATE while finalising the integrative chapter for her PhD  at the Faculty of Education, Tampere University. Her doctoral research focuses on questions concerning data, knowledge quantification and non-knowing in decision making concerning adult education. More information: Kuusipalo’s linkedin profile