Welcome to Struggling with Ignorance -Project

The global economic crisis of 2008, combined with the rise of social media and digitalisation, has contributed to the development of post-truth politics and resistance to institutional authority. The NEGATE project develops a new theoretical angle for understanding how the digital economy, peer support groups in social media and voluntary work alter the status, competence and employability of highly educated professionals. Based on the epistemology of ignorance and theories of professional education, our project outlines the significance of non-knowing and ignorance for professional work, stressing the potential of non-knowing in creativity, unlearning and the toleration of uncertainty. The results will benefit professionals struggling with recurring unemployment and re-education and provide insights for policymakers and those working in the field of Finnish higher education.

Struggling with Ignorance: Negative Expertise and the Erosion of the Finnish Information Society at the Turn of 2020 (NEGATE) project is funded by Academy of Finland, 2018-2022.