Explanatory Factor on the stage

Explanatory Factor (Selittävä tekijä) is a performance and a new concept of live science which has been developed together by the writer, theater director Hanna Ryti, the director of the NEGATE project Jaana Parviainen and the leader of the Explanatory Factor project, researcher and cultural producer Anne Koski. Explanatory Factor is based on a written script that is performed by the professional actors together with the researchers on stage. Dialogues written for the actors enliven and comment on the speeches of researchers and bring out the voice of the research interviewees and research subjects.

The theme of the pilot performance is the paradox of the information society: Along with knowledge, ignorance always increases to the same extent. The material used in the script is based on researchers’ case studies and a theoretical understanding produced in the NEGATE-project.

The developers of the Explanatory Factor concept believe that through the new live science concept, research results can be popularized and brought to live in thought-provoking ways compared to traditional scientific presentations. At the same time, researchers together with theater professionals are looking for new ways to defend the position of scientific knowledge in society.

The premiere of Explanatory Factor (in Finnish) is on Wednesday 14 December 2022 at 19:00 at Tampere University’s Teatterimonttu (Kalevantie 4, part D). The duration of the performance is about 90 minutes. Admission to the show is free and pre-registration is mandatory due to the limited number of seats. Sign up here!