Epistemic humility: further directions for conceptual development

’Building a Ship while Sailing It’ Epistemic Humility and the Temporality of Non-knowledge in Political Decision-making on COVID-19’, published in Social Epistemology in February, has sparked debate about epistemic humility in crisis situation when political decision-making needs evidence-based knowledge but science has no answers. Dr. Alena Bleicher’s article “Epistemic Humility and the Social Relevance of Non-Knowledge’, appeared on the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective (SERRC), considers further directions for conceptual development on epistemic humility. She suggests among the other things that it is important to further investigate how decisions made in the face of unavoidable ignorance can be justified and legitimized. She concludes her article by saying ‘A comparative analysis of the policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic in different countries could deliver valuable insights in this regard, as well as help to answer many of the other questions I have raised here. It seems to be an appropriate field of study for the purpose of defining the concept of epistemic humility in greater detail.’