Operations and Supply Chain Group (OSCG) examines value creation in operations and supply chains supported by novel managerial and decision-making models, tools, technologies and practices.


We examine various contemporary topics in the society and business organizations through the lenses of operations and supply chain management. Our research focuses on the following themes:

  • Digitalization of supply chains
  • Humanitarian logistics
  • Operations strategy
  • Performance measurement
  • Purchasing and supply management
  • Production location decisions
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Value creation in business-to-business customer–supplier relationships


Our mission is to produce high quality international research and support Finnish and international organizations in improving their value-creation and performance with the focus on operations and supply chain management.


We produce high-quality research in our topic areas and involve actively in international and national scientific networks. We work in a close collaboration with companies and non-profit organizations to support them in topical challenges and to assure the practical relevance of our research.