The types of our projects vary from large, networked research projects to smaller applied research projects tailored to company-specific needs. We work with both qualitative and quantitative research.

Ongoing projects

Corporate – Humanitarian Organization Partnerships and the Effect of Social Media Use on Humanitarian Operations, Academy of Finland, 9/2020 – 8/2025

INNOPROCU – Public Procurement Change: From a Price-centric Mindset to Value Creation for Society, Academy of Finland, 9/2020 – 8/2024  InnoProcu project presentation slides in Finnish

ProDigial – Productivity for the infrastructure sector by utilising digitalization, 10/2020 – 11/2023

SafePotential – Materializing the Hidden Potential of Safety Performance Measurement, Finnish Work Environment Fund, Konecranes, L&T, NRC Finland, Paulig, 1/2019 – 6/2021

Prior projects

Agent – Agile Business Networks, Business Finland, Roima Intelligence.

ProcuValue – Value Creating Procurement, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Metsä Group, Posti, Tieto and Valmet

RoAMING – Reshoring of manufacturing: Disruptive Technologies, Business Ecosystems and Performance Information as Key Enablers, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and VINNOVA