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Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research PERLA is a multidisciplinary research centre that builds bridges and cooperates with researchers and societal actors of the field. PERLA was founded in 2014 and its horisontal operation consists of maintaining a researcher network, composing ideas for research projects, organising teaching events such as open research seminars. Further, PERLA informs and keeps in touch with other actors of the field. Through its function, PERLA is contributing to multidisciplinary research, connecting people and enhancing the discussion about children, youth and family.

PERLA is carrying out the strategy of the University of Tampere through its high-level multidisciplinary research, teaching based on topical research and social activity. PERLA is coordinated by the multidisciplinary board composed of University of Tampere’s staff members.

PERLA’s history                    

Childhood, youth and family research has a long reaching tradition at the University of Tampere. In 2001, PERLA was established as a research network for childhood and family studies. Ever since, PERLA has connected, strengthened and advanced research and teaching around childhood, youth and family at the University of Tampere. Originally having an emphasis on the social sciences, PERLA began its activities through the collaboration of researchers from the fields of social psychology, sociology and social work. Since 2002, the unit acted as the official unit of childhood and family research at the University of Tampere. In 2011, PERLA broadened its thematic field onto youth research and this focus came to be included in the name of the unit. In 2014, the unit was reorganized into a multidisciplinary research centre for childhood, youth and family research.

Mia Tammelin

  • Associate Professor
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
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