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Next to research seminars, PERLA organises multidisciplinary teaching in form of courses, which are part of the thematic module “Childhood, family and life course“.

PERLA is also cooperating with the organizing of the thematic module “Young People and Youth Work

Courses in English

Autumn 2017


The course provides an overview of the central concepts and multiple domains of wellbeing. Special attention is paid to important issues in wellbeing among children and young people within different stages and contexts in their lives. Each lecture will look at wellbeing from a different point of view and discuss that particular perspective’s connections to wider socio-economic, political and cultural frameworks.

Period 1-2, 2017

Teaching language: English

Teachers responsible: Tiina Soini (EDU), Arja Rimpelä (SOC) and Katja Repo (SOC)

The open seminar Children’s wellbeing in Finland (11th October 2017, 13–16 p.m.) organized by PERLA is one part of the course. The seminar covers topics such as children’s wellbeing in an increasingly diverse and multicultural Finland, as well as the position of refugee children and the rights of young immigrants.