Travel Grants


Updated 21.2.2024

Finnish doctoral training network in philosophy announce travel scholarships for its PhD researcher members (max. 800 € in a year for travels in Europe and max. 1000 € for oversea travels).

The board will make the decisions of the travel grant applications (for the time being) two times in a year. The deadlines of sending the applications are April 7 and October 31, and the decisions will be made in a week or two for the applications received before these days.

The condition to be met for a scholarship is that the student is officially a doctoral researcher in philosophy at the Universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku, or Åbo Akademi. The further criteria of evaluation are that the applicant has an active role (e.g. deliver a paper) in the particular event (conference etc.) she or he is participating and that this event can be evaluated as both academically significant and relevant to her or his doctoral dissertation. For bureaucratic reasons, only those travels can be supported that have not begun before the sending the application.

You can send an application even before you have the confirmation of your approval to the conference, etc. In such case, the decision will be made on the condition that that the approval will be confirmed. Further practicalities will be given with the decision.

Applications should be delivered as a single pdf-file (including all the attachments), the file name should start with the applicant’s last name, and the file should be sent to:

The application can be freely formulated, but it should be as brief and clear as possible. When you plan your travel and estimate the travel budget, it should cover only the minimal costs you can estimate, costs for dinners, extra days, or unnecessarily expensive hotels or flights cannot be financed. Less money you apply, more grants can be accepted to your fellows.

The application should be titled ‘Travel Grant Application’, and it has to include the following data:

  1. Applicant’s name, contact information (address, e-mail, and phone number), university, and the name of the supervisor(s);
  2. The name, dates, organizer, and web-reference of the event participated in (if available);
  3. The location of the event (country, city, and university);
  4. A short description of the event and the role the applicant will be playing there (please attach the abstract of the paper to be delivered to your application) and its relation to your dissertation.
  5. A clear expression of the total sum applied for;
  6. A detailed statement of the components of the estimated travel budget, which may consist only of moderate travel and accommodation costs and conference fee (when applicable);
  7. A clarification of additional or alternative funding applied or received from other sources;
  8. A letter of acceptance (if already available, an e-mail suffices) from the organizer of the conference or workshop in which the applicant is giving her/his presentation (and possibly a letter of recommendation for other types of events).

When writing your application, please do check that it actually contains all the required information without which it will not be reviewed!

Further info:

Arto Laitinen

Tommi Vehkavaara