Collaboration with the ChangeLead NRC Project at University of Oslo

New project UO

“Leading Reform Work in Upper Secondary Schools: Change Laboratories as Method” (ChangeLead) - Since Fall 2020

ChangeLead is a project recently funded at the University of Oslo by the Norwegian Research Council within the Programme for Research and Innovation in the Educational Sector. The project is led by Professor Ruth Jensen in partnership with Professors Ann Elisabeth Gunnulfsen and Hedvig Abrahamsen, also from University of Oslo, and Professor Kristin Helstad from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

The project creates supportive conditions for upper secondary school leaders to develop a deep understanding of factors contributing to successful leadership of reform work by means of the Change Laboratory.

Annalisa and Ruth

Professors Ruth Jensen and Annalisa Sannino during a project meeting

Annalisa Sannino serves as one of the members of the project’s international board and a critical friend to the  research group. In November she met the school leaders participating in the project from several schools in Norway and gave an introductory presentation to the Change Laboratory method.