Ongoing activities

Here are some of the issues we are dealing with at the moment.

Our research group promotes various research initiatives and actively participates in international conferences and research networks.


Introducing the selling aspect in the role of a specialist

What kind of thoughts, feelings, opportunities and challenges arise when selling is introduced to the role of specialists? How does this transformation unfold successfully and how can sales managers / directors support the change? We are diving into this topic in a multi-organization qualitative research and the interviews were completed in April 2021. A preliminary research plan dealing especially with the emerging feelings was accepted to be presented in NFF-conference.


Sustainability and responsibility in sales

Companies have strongly started to promote sustainability by taking into account sustainable perspectives, e.g. in raw material choices, manufacturing processes, labor utilization, logistics, product life according to the principles of the circular economy. However, the successful sale and purchase of sustainable product and service solutions requires a renewed sales orientation and operations that companies are only beginning to emerge.

We are planning to study and understand the role and opportunities of sustainable sales as part of the sustainable international operations of B2B companies. The aim is to support the sustainable operation and renewal of companies engaged in international trade, so that the management, orientation, processes, customer interface and ecosystem level of the sales organization also ensure the integrity of sustainable operations and thus help the customer to buy as sustainably as possible.


Research-based knowledge of emotions in sales

We are contributing in the nation wide Year of Research-Based Knowledge 2021, where a wide range of Finnish associations, institutions and organizations will make research-based knowledge available to everyone. Today, more than ever, there’s room for research-based knowledge. Our main theme will be the emotions in sales and our purpose is, among other things, to make three podcasts and arrange one webinar in a co-operation with companies.


Shared team passion in sales?

A framework for understanding shared team passion has been introduced in the field of entrepreneurial studies. We are interested in finding out if this framework could also be applied in BtoB sales teams. A preliminary research plan was accepted to be presented in NFF-conference.