What's going on at the moment?

Our research group promotes various research initiatives and actively participates in international conferences and research networks.

Introducing the selling aspect in the role of a specialist

What kind of thoughts, feelings, opportunities and challenges arise when selling is introduced to the role of specialists? How does this transformation unfold successfully and how can sales managers / directors support the change? We are diving into this topic this fall 2020 – more details to come!

Shared team passion in sales?

A framework for understanding shared team passion has been introduced in the field of entrepreneurial studies. We are interested in finding out if this framework could also be applied in BtoB sales teams.

Global Sales Science Institute GSSI Conference 2020

GSSI conference is an annual forum for all sales researchers from all around the globe. The conference for 2020 was planned to be held in Montpellier, France but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. Two papers authored by our research group members were accepted to be presented in the conference. The abstracts of the papers have been published in conference proceedings.

Jokiniemi, S. & Hautamäki, P. 2020. Transformational leadership boosting strategic account managers’ competence development in service-centric transitions. GSSI Conference 2020.

Jokiniemi, S. & Hosoi, K. 2020. Mind reading customers with interpersonal mentalizing – insights from Japanese B2B sales meetings. GSSI Conference 2020.


Creating Value Conference 2020

The annual Creating Value Conference 2020 is a multidisciplanary scholarly arena to understand value creation better. The conference was organized virtually and our research group member presented a paper in the conference sessions.

Jokiniemi, S. & Hosoi, K. 2020. Customer-oriented attitude and emotional intelligence driving value creation in BtoB sales meetings – insights from Japan. Creating Value Conference 2020.