Context City

SPREAD takes part at Ciudad Contexto's second cycle 'Ingredients for a Domestic Feast'

Ciudad Contexto (Context City) is an entity that promotes urban innovation based on a collaborative methodology that is structured in three interconnected spaces ─Study City, Laboratory City, Dialogue City─ to define six areas of political action from which to transform the city: Ecological Transition, Urban Transformation and Habitat, Technology and Citizenship, Emerging Culture, Conscious Economy and Co-existence and Health.

Ciudad Contexto is a pilot project within the DESIGNSCAPES programme “Design-Enabled Innovation in Urban Environments” and it is supported, among others, by the Region of Valencia, Cátedra Habitatge at Universitat Politècnica de València UPV, IVE Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación, and the City of Valencia in Spain.

On Tuesday June 9th, Associate Professor Fernando Nieto will talk on regulations and qualitative parameters applied to housing design with a presentation titled ‘New Normalitytivity’. Later, there will be a discussion with other speakers on the development of the concept of housing equity index and its application to housing design projects to achieve more diverse, adaptive and solidarity-based solutions.