Intimacy and/in/or Community

Call for abstracts for Hipo 8 is open. The new issue of HipoTesis Numbered Issues deals with intimacy, community and in-betweenness

The eighth issue of HipoTesis Numbered Issues aims at giving response, among others, to the following questions: Which are the limits of intimacy? Where does (unwanted) loneliness start? Does architecture draw the line for these concepts? How to reconcile community and intimacy?

Hipo 8’s guest editor is Postdoctoral Research Fellow Rosana Rubio-Hernández. More information and the full text of the call for papers can be found in the following link: Hipo 8 Call for Papers

HipoTesis Numbered Issues is an independent open access scholarly journal covering research in the fields of Arts and Humanities with a special focus on Architecture. Published yearly, it is registered as a scientific journal in different indexes such as Latindex or the JUFO Publication Forum in Finland (Level 1).